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Weights and Measures is a department of Santa Clara County Government. The Federal and the State Governments also have similar departments that develop policy and regulations regarding measurement standards, but it is at the county level that the majority of weights and measures laws are enforced.

On March 2, 1799, the first federal weights and measures law was signed by President John Adams. The Federal agency, the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), began in 1901 as the National Bureau of Standards. All of the nation's weighing and measuring standards can be traced back to this Institute. State legislation was passed in 1911 establishing a County Department of Weights and Measures.

What We Do

Weights and Measures
The service mission of Weights and Measures is to protect the buyer and seller in all monetary transactions that use weight, measure or count.

Devices (Scales & Meters)
Weights and Measures Inspectors test gasoline pumps, scales, and other similar devices for accuracy so that consumers will be charged the correct price.

Quantity Control
Packages are inspected to make sure they contain the stated weight, measure or count. Scanners at check out stands are inspected to ensure the consumer receives the lowest advertised price.

Gas samples are tested for quality standards. Price signs and labels at gas stations are inspected for accuracy, size and legibility.

Weighmasters issue weight certificates that are used as a basis for money transactions such as refunds at recycling establishments. These businesses are inspected for the accuracy of their certificates and weight determinations.

Service Agents
Service agents install and repair weighing and measuring devices. The quality of their work is monitored throughout the year.​

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