Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Yes, the County Division of Weights and Measures checks quality of fuel on a complaint basis. The State Division of Measurement Standards will periodically check for octane and quality of petroleum products at locations randomly selected throughout the state.
    Yes, there have been several instances of contamination in underground storage tanks and delivery of non-standard product to underground storage tanks which resulted in a gas station closure.
    ​Investigation of consumer complaints by the County Weights and Measures Division is a high priority with the County. All complaints are logged in a complaint log book and assigned to a district inspector. Complaints are acted upon within three working days. When a complaint is outside our jurisdiction, we direct the consumer to the appropriate agency.
    ​Tare, or tare weight, is the weight of packaging, wrapping or any material not considered product or part of the net weight. Tare weight plus net weight equals gross weight. Selling by gross weight or measure is a misdemeanor (Business & Professions Code 12023).

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